Our accents are listed alphabetically from America to Zebra! Feel free to scroll down and see them all or use your computer’s Find feature (“ctrl+F”) to search specific themes.  One other thing … please double check with us FIRST to make sure we have enough accent for your order! Accents are getting harder to find and as much as we try to keep this page updated, many of the ones listed below we are running very low on! Thanks! 

Accents can be used as streamers and/or wrapped over petals, points & house petals. If the accent is cotton it can also be pleated and used for a pleat. Our accents are all 1 5/8″ wide (except for the 1″ American flag and 2″ cow & 2″ denim).

PS: Feel free to use as many different accents as you like but note that only five different accents are included with your set up charge. After that there’s a $2/accent charge. 

american-flag-1-inch1″ American Flag

American Stripes

cats-tulipsAnimals Cats & Tulips (lots in stock)

animals-cowAnimals Cow Pattern (2″)

dogsAnimals Dogs

Animals Horses

Animals Leopard Pattern

Animals Lobsters

Animals Tiger Pattern

animals-zebraAnimals Zebra Pattern


Bandana Blue

bandana-redBandana Red

Bows Light Blue

Bronze Crackle

Butterflies Eggshell

Butterflies Tan

butterfliesbutterfly-accentButterflies colorful

cammo-accentCammo With Brown (lots in stock)

Cammo With Ginger

pink candy - cropped Candies on pink 

Checkered Black & White

Christmas Carousel Horses Green

Christmas Carousel Horses Red

Christmas Ornament Detail

Christmas Flowers

 holly  Christmas Holly

Christmas Holly & Pinecones

Christmas Festive Balls

Christmas Tartan

Crackle Bronze

Crackle Gold

Crackle Silver

Denim (2″)

Diamonds Fuschia

diamond-accent-160Diamonds Teal

Easter Bunnies

Easter EggsEaster Eggs

ge on black Edging Gold (lots in stock)

gx on white Edging Silver Galaxy (limited colors)

leavesFall Brewster

fall-cornFall Corn

fall-harvestFall Farmers Market

Fall Farm Stand

Fall leaves (new) cropped Fall  – Leaves

 fall-firey-leavesfall-firey-leaves Fall – Firey Leaves

Flag Texas

Flowers Azalea

flowers-emilyFlowers Emily

Flowers Floral Garden

Flowers Flower Pots

fuschiaflowers-fuschia-antique-goldFlowers Fuschia

Flowers Green & Lavendar

Flowers Hawaiian Sunset

flowers-hydrangeaFlowers Hydrangea

flowers-ladybugsFlowers Ladybugs

Flowers Magnolia Maroon

flowers-magnolia-whiteFlowers Magnolia White

Flowers May Floral

Flowers Mix on Black (lots in stock)

floral-on-blackFlowers Mix on Black Pastels (lots in stock)

fuschia-yellow-am-beauty-flowersfuschia-flowers-accentFlowers Red & Neon Pink

flowers-roses-foreverflowers-roses-foreverFlowers Roses Forever

Flowers Roses Legacy

Flowers Rose Vase (lots in stock)

Flowers Scarlet

flowers-springtimeFlowers Springtime

flowers-spring-bloomFlowers Spring Blooms

Flowers Spring Yellow

cats-tulips-pp3bFlowers Tulips & Cats (lots in stock)

Flowers Tulips Purple

Flowers Tulips Red

flowers-yellow-trellisFlowers Yellow Trellis



gx on whitegalaxy-headgalaxy-pleatGalaxy Edging (limited colors available)

Garden Checkgarden-checks-accentGarden Check

gingham-black-whiteGingham Cotton Black

Gingham Cotton Brown

Gingham Cotton Lavendar

gingham-lt-blue-whiteimg_4805Gingham Cotton Light Blue

Gingham Cotton Purple

Gingham Cotton Yellow

Gingham Plastic Black

Gingham Plastic Light Green

gingham-pink-whiteGingham Plastic Pink

Gingham Plastic Purple

gingham-red-whiteGingham Plastic Red

Gingham Plastic Yellow

Gold & Silver Pattern

Gold Crackle (lots in stock)

gold-glitterGold Glitter (lots in stock)

gold-moireGold Moire (lots in stock)

gold-edgeGold Edging – Various Colors Available

Halloween Fun on Black

halloween-haunt-on-blueHalloween Haunt on Blue

Halloween Hocus Pocus

Halloween Laughing Pumpkins

halloween-candyHalloween Pumpkins & Candy

Halloween Purple Boo

Hearts & Bows With Lace

Hearts & Roses

Hearts Country

Hearts Entwined With Lace


Hearts Love Red

Hearts Pink

hearts-on-maroon-accent Hearts Red on White

hearts-on-white-accentHearts Shaded Red on White

Hearts White on Red

Hearts White on Red With Lace

Hearts With Gold Swirl

Iridescent Canary Yellow

Iridescent Melon

Iridescent Peach

iridescent-pinkIridescent Pink

iridescent-tealIridescent Teal

Moire Gold (lots in stock)

Moire Purple

Moire Silver (lots in stock)

Plaid Burgandy

dots-red-on-whitePolka Dots Red on White

Polka Dots White on Red

Purple Moire 

Rabbits – cute ones :-)


Red sparkle - small Red glitter (new!)


Seashells Color

seashellsSeashells Pink & Turquoise 

sheer-blue-flowersSheer – blue flowers (available on petals only)

sheer-pink-flowersSheer – pink flowers (available on petals only)

sheer-pink-with-gold-lines sheer-pink-pleatedSheer – pink with gold lines (available for pleating only)

sheer-white-with-gold-linesSheer – white with gold lines (available for pleating only)


gx on whitegalaxy-headgalaxy-pleatSilver Galaxy Edging (limited colors available)

silver-glitterSilver Glitter (lots in stock)

silver-crinkleSilver Crackle (lots in stock)

silver-moireSilver Moire (lots in stock)

Snowflakes Gold on Eggshell

Snowflakes Gold on Red

Snowflakes Silver on Blue

Snowflakes Silver on Light Blue

Snowflakes Silver on White

snowflakesSnowflakes White & Light Blue on Blue

Snowmen Navy

Snowmen Red

Southwestern (moonglow/lavendar)

Squares Pattern White on Black

green-neon-squares-accentSquares Pattern Yellow on Neon Green

Stained glassstained-glassStained Glass

Stars Gold Stars on Red

rainbow-starsStars Rainbow Stars on Black

Stars Rainbow Stars on Red

stripes-neonneon-stripesstripes-neonStripes – neon

Stripes on White Black

Stripes on White Brown

stripes-green-whiteStripes on White Green

Stripes Pink on Pink

stripes-rainbowStripes Rainbow

stripes-purple-yellowStripes Red & Yellow

Stripes Red White Blue

stripe brown crop - Copy Stripes Shades of Brown

 stripe green - Copy  Stripes Shades of Green

striple purples crop - CopyStripes Shades of Purple

stripe teal crop - CopyStripes Shades of Teal

stripe fuschia crop - CopyStripes Shades of Fuschia

stripe orange crop - Copy  Stripes Shades of Orange (just enough for a couple of rosettes)

Stripes Thin Pink & White

Stripes Thin Red on White (only enough for about 10 rosettes)

Stripes Two Tone Blue on Blue

Stripes Two Tone Green on Green

Stripes Two Tone Light Blue on Light Blue

Stripes Two Tone Purple on Purple

Stripes Two Tone Red on Red

 st p on white St Patricks Day Luck Of The Irish on white

st p on green  St Patricks Day Luck Of The Irish on green

St Patricks Day Ribbon Clover

St Patricks Day Shamrocks & Hats

St Patricks Day Shamrocks & Stripes

St Patricks Day White Clovers on Green

sunflower MWM-5 with sunflower accentSunflowers

Sunglow Sunglow


swirl-accentSwirl Pattern


Texas Flag

zig-greenzig-green-rosetteZig – green & canary

zig-pinksZig – pink (limited quantities)

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