Accents – lots

Our accents are listed alphabetically from America to Zebra in two sections: lots and limited! Feel free to scroll down and see them all or use your computer’s Find feature (“ctrl+F”) to search specific themes.  Its really hard to stay on top of what we have & how much so please double check with us to make sure we have enough accent for your order! 

Accents can be used as streamers and/or wrapped over petals, points & house petals. If the accent is cotton it can also be pleated and used for a pleat (5 1/2″ pleat is an extra $1).

PS: Feel free to use as many different accents as you like but note that only five different accents are included with your set up charge. After that there’s a $2/accent charge. 

AccentsGold stars on black

AccentsSilver stars on black

american-flag-1-incham-flagAmerican – Flag (1″)

AccentsAmerican – Stripes

AccentsAnimals – Bunnies (cute ones 🙂

AccentsAnimals Pattern – Leopard 



AccentsBandana – Navy

Accentsbandana-redBandana – Red

hologram-blueBlue Hologram

AccentsBows – Light Blue

AccentsBronze – Crackle

foil-bronze Bronze – Metallic

hologram-bronzeBronze – Hologram

AccentsButterflies on Eggshell

AccentsButterflies on Tan

Accentscammo-accentCammo – Brown

Accents AccentsCammo – Orange

AccentsAccentsCammo Pink

AccentsCheckered Black & White

AccentsChristmas – Holly & Pinecones


AccentsCrackle – Bronze

AccentsCrackle – Gold

AccentsCrackle – Silver

AccentsDiamonds – Fuschia

AccentsEaster – Bunnies

Easter Eggseaster-egg-accent-cr6cEaster – Eggs

gx on white Edging – Galaxy (limited colors)

ge on black Edging – Gold (lots in stock)

Accentsfall-cornFall – Corn

gourdsFall – Gourds

AccentsFall Harvest on maroon

Fall leaves (new) croppedoct-10-cdnb-with-double-accent-petals Fall  – Leaves

 fall-firey-leaves Fall – Firey Leaves

AccentsFloral satins (for rosette heads only)

bluebirdsFlowers -Bluebirds

blueAccentsFlowers – Calico Blue

fuschiaFlowers – Calico Bright Pink

orangeAccentsFlowers – Calico Orange

pinkcalico-pinkFlowers – Calico Pink

AccentsFlowers – Daffodils

AccentsFlowers – Floral Garden

AccentsFlowers – Flower Pots

Accentsflowers-hydrangeaFlowers – Hydrangea

Accentsflowers-ladybugsFlowers – Ladybugs

orchid-daisyorchid-daisyFlowers – Orchid Daisy

fuschia-yellow-am-beauty-flowersfuschia-flowers-accentFlowers – Red & Neon Pink

AccentsFlowers – Rose Vase

AccentsFlowers – Tropical

waterfallwaterfallFlowers – Waterfall



galaxy-edge-colorsGalaxy edge is available in red, white, sea blue, canary, light purple, spring green, teal, black, deep gold, light blue & orchid.

Accentsgingham-black-whiteGingham Cotton – Black

AccentsGingham Cotton – Brown

gingham-cotton-pinkGingham Cotton – Candy Pink

gingham-cotton-hunter-green Gingham Cotton – Hunter Green

AccentsGingham Cotton – Lavendar

gingham-lt-blue-whiteimg_4805Gingham Cotton – Light Blue

gingham-cotton-orchidGingham Cotton – Orchid (2″ only)

Accents Gingham Cotton – Purple

gingham-cotton-spring-green Gingham Cotton – Neon Green (1 5/8″ only)

gingham-cotton-redGingham Cotton – Red (1 5/8″ only)

AccentsGingham Cotton – Yellow

Accentsgingham-pink-whiteGingham Plastic – Candy Pink

AccentsGingham Plastic – Purple

Accentsgingham-red-whiteGingham Plastic – Red

AccentsGingham Plastic – Spring Green

AccentsGingham Plastic – Yellow

AccentsGiraffes & teddy bears

AccentsGold – Crackle

Accentsgold-glitterGold – Glitter

foil-gold Gold – Metallic

Accentsgold-moireGold – Moire

Ultimate with gold edge croppedGold Edging

hologram-greenGreen Hologram

Accentshalloween-haunt-on-blueHalloween – Haunt on Blue

halloween-jackoHalloween – Pumpkins & Kitties

AccentsHalloween – Purple Boo

AccentsHalloween on black


AccentsAccentsHearts – Metallic (turquoise or pink)

Accentshearts-on-maroon-accent Hearts – Red on White (uneven)

Accentshearts-on-white-accentHearts – Shaded Red on White

AccentsHearts – White Hearts on Red Background

hologram-bronzeHologram – Bronze

holographic-blueHologram – Blue

hologram-gold10t-7-holo-goldHologram – Gold

hologram-greenHologram – Green

hologram-purpleHologram – Purple

red-hologramHologram – Red

hologram-silvergcr20-7-holo-silv-headHologram – Silver

hologram-turquoise Hologram – Turquoise

iridescent-canaryIridescent – Canary Yellow

iridescent-goldIridescent – Gold

AccentsIridescent – Melon

Accents6t-in-bluesIridescent – Teal

 bronze-meshMesh – bronze (for overtop of petals only)

foil-goldMetallic – Gold

foil-silver Metallic – Silver

foil-bronze Metallic – Bronze

AccentsMoire – Gold

AccentsMoire – Purple

hologram-purple Purple – Hologram


Red sparkle - small Red glitter

hologram-red Red hologram

Accents Satins CAN BE USED IN FOLDED HEADS ONLY (cannot be used for streamers)

AccentsseashellsSeashells Pink & Turquoise 

 sheer-pink-pleatedSheer – pink with gold lines; available on OUTER PLEATS ONLY (sheer is sewn onto the satin ribbon first and then pleated)

sheer-white-with-gold-linesSheer – white with gold lines (available for pleating only)

AccentsHot Pink Sheer

Accents Peacock Sheer

foil-silver Silver – Metallic

Accentssilver-glitterSilver – Glitter 

AccentsSilver – Crackle

AccentsSnowflakes – Gold on Eggshell

AccentsSnowmen Navy

green-neon-squares-accentsquares-pattern-yellow-on-neon-greenSquares Neon Yellow/Neon Green

AccentsSquares White/Black

Stained glassstained-glassStained Glass

Accentsrainbow-starsStars Rainbow Stars on Black

stripes-neonneon-stripesstripes-neonStripes – Crazy Neon

AccentsStripes – rainbow

Accentsstripes-green-whiteStripes – White on Spring Green

AccentsStripes – Red White Blue

hp515-with-shades-of-redStripes – Example

stripe brown crop - Copy Stripes Shades – Brown

striple purples crop - CopyStripes Shades – Purple

stripe fuschia crop - CopyStripes Shades – Fuschia

AccentsStripes Two Tone – Blue on Blue

 st p on white St Patricks Day – Luck Of The Irish on White

st p on green  St Patricks Day – Luck Of The Irish on Green

shamrock-partySt Patricks Day – Shamrock Party

sunflower MWM-5 with sunflower accentSunflowers


Accentsswirl-accentSwirl Pattern

tartan-redTartan – Red

AccentsTropical Flowers

hologram-turquoiseTurquoise – Hologram

zig-greenzig-green-rosetteZig – Greens & Canary

zig-pinksZig – pink

Accents – limited

If you have one or two rosettes you’re getting made, this section is for you! Our “limited” accents range from a partial roll to just a few pieces so please make sure to check with us first before getting your heart set on an accent. Of course, we’ll try to make it work but it all depends on the style and quantity you are ordering. 🙂

AccentsAnimals – Lobsters (a few pieces for petals only)

grey-kitties-on-pinkAnimals – Grey Kittens on Pink (limited)

camo2Cammo – Sand

camilleFlowers – Camille

cowboy-hatsCowboy Hats (limited)

Cowboy Boots (limited)

denim-2-inchDenim (limited)

dicediceDice (pieces)

gold-outlined-fallFall – Gold Outlined (limited)

AccentsFall – Farm Stand (limited)

fall-acornsFall – Leaves & Acorns (limited)

AccentsFlag – Texas

AccentsFlowers – Green & Lavendar (limited)

hawaiian-flowersFlowers – Hawaiian (limited)

AccentsFlowers – Magnolia Maroon (limited)

Accentsflowers-magnolia-whiteFlowers – Magnolia White (limited)

Accentsflowers-may-floral-cropFlowers – May Floral (limited)

Garden Checkgarden-checks-accentGarden Check

gingham-cotton-red-blueGingham cotton – red & blue (limited)

AccentsGold & Silver Pattern (pieces)

Accentshalloween-candyHalloween – Pumpkins & Candy (piece)

AccentsHearts & Roses (limited)

AccentsHearts – Entwined With Lace (limited)

AccentsHearts – Lavender & Maroon on Red (limited)

AccentsHearts – Pink (limited)


Accentspp3b-with-horses-accentAnimals – Horse Heads (limited)

AccentsSt Patricks Day – Ribbon Clover (limited)

AccentsSt Patricks Day – Pipes & Hats (limited)

AccentsSt Patricks Day – Shamrocks & Stripes (limited)

AccentsStars – Rainbow Stars on Red (limited)

frosted-blueStripes – Frosted blue (limited)

AccentsStripes – Frosted pink (limited)

hp515-with-thin-light-blue-stripesAccentsStripes Two Tone – Light Blue on Light Blue (limited)

frosted-purpleStripes – Frosted purple (limited)

AccentsStripes Two Tone – Red on Red (4 1/2″ pieces)

AccentsStripes Two Tone – Green on Green (4 1/2″ pieces)

hp515-with-thin-black-white-stripesStripes Thin – Black & White

hp515-with-thin-yellow-stripesStripes Thin – Yellow on White

stripes-pink-on-neon-greenStripes – Pink on Neon Green (few pieces)

AccentsStripes – White on Black

stripes-purple-on-whiteStripes – White on Purple (limited)

stripes-blue-on-yellowStripes – Yellow on Blue (few pieces)

 tartan-orange-and-greenTartan – Orange & Green (limited)


AccentsAnimals Pattern – Tiger (limited)

Accentsanimals-zebraAnimals Pattern – Zebra

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