Our Staff

office gals

Janice, Haley & Linda on pink shirt day in the office.


staff-02Janice has an amazing memory!

When you email your order to ribbons@centaurawards.com it is received by Janice, our Office Manager. Janice has been with the company for almost 25 years (yes twenty-five!!!) and is happy to help you with the ins and outs of your order. She will get back to you with a ship date as well as any preliminary questions. Once she has pulled your file, she then hands your order over to be written up onto production sheets.


staff-04Marybeth loves Centaur & studying Ukrainian!

Marybeth is the the proud owner! She does a little bit of everything at Centaur! From answering questions to patting her three rescue dogs.



Once your order has been written up, double checked and quoted it goes to Kelly and her wonderful staff who print your order for you. Kelly is our amazing head printer who has also been with the company for almost 25 years!!



Once the printing is done, your order goes upstairs to Lida and her talented assembly staff who work their magic to hand-craft your beautiful ribbons.


staff-08Linda recently retired! We wish her all the best 💕

Once your order has been printed, assembled and carefully packed, one of our new shipping gals will processes your payment, send your order on its way and email you your tracking #.

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