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Watch our 2½ minute youtube video 

Our short video gives you a quick overview of the ordering process and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes into making your custom ribbons and rosettes!

Call 800 665 2771 or email with any questions or concerns

We are open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm PST and are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Email your order to Janice

When you are ready to place your order, please email it to Janice She will get back to you with a ship date as soon as she can. If you do not hear back from her within 2 biz days, please call to confirm we’ve received your order. We always respond to emails so if you don’t hear back from us please call!

Feel free to use our Ribbon Order Form (click on the horse on the home page) or, if it is easier for you, just type your order in an email, Word document or Excel spreadsheet and email it in. Regardless of which format you use, we require the following info :

1. Rosette styles, quantities & colors* with corresponding awards written out exactly as you would like it to appear on your ribbons. We do use what you send us to print from so please be as specific as possible when listing the awards and watch things like 1st vs FIRST vs First vs 1st Place vs FIRST PLACE vs First Place. Thanks!
*Please list colors in order of dominance. For example, if you want a mainly black rosette with white as a secondary color you would write “black,  white”. If you want a black rosette with white as a secondary color and purple as a tertiary color you would write “black, white, purple”. Our computer program will then place the colors in the most appealing place on the rosette so unless you have a specific request, all we need are the basic colors you want. We can take it from there in terms of making it look the nicest! 🙂
Order form header
2. Foil/printing color options include gold, silver and bronze. Other colors may be available on request. Rainbow is an additional charge.
3. Hang type (cord or bridle hook); either one is included (although cord is an extra charge on eyeleted flats)
4. Streamer bottom finish pinked or dovetailed either one is included pinked doved
5. What you would like printed on the button
6. What you would like printed on the center streamer (please include logo placements and exact wording)
7. Your event date
8. When you would like your order in hand
9. Whether you would like your order shipped or if you would prefer to pick up in either Langley BC or Blaine WA
10. Bill to address including phone number and email address
11. Ship to address including phone number and email address (if different from above).

Receive your order confirmation

Once we have written up your order and checked it (three times!) for accuracy we’ll email you an order confirmation and payment instructions (usually within one week).

Receive your order tracking # 

Once your order is on its way, you’ll receive an email from Linda with your tracking # (usually within a couple of days of shipping).

Receive your ribbons! 

We hope all our hard work pays off and that you are thrilled with your ribbons! 😊

Feel free to drop us a line or even better, send us some pictures from your event – we would love to see them!

Other stuff you might want to know: 

NOTE TO DOG SHOW ORGANIZERS: We are happy to work with you on your close date. Please submit your main order 8+ weeks in advance (small orders); 12+ weeks in advanced (large orders) with what you know for sure you are going to need so we can get that portion of your order into production. Please note that we cannot subtract rosettes once your order is underway. After close, submit your add-ons as a completely separate order as soon as you can. One add-on order after close is included in the setup fee; additional add-on orders are $15 each. Please note this is for close dates only – not duplicates or extras after the show! Also, there will be rush fees if add-ons are received with less than five business days to produce (not including shipping) and we may have to fast-track shipping too depending on the time line and the size of the add-on order.

NOTE TO US CUSTOMERS: Our rosettes are manufactured in Canada and shipped out of our US shipping depot in Blaine, WA. Please note that US customs requires either an EIN#, Federal Tax ID# or the SSN of the person the order is being billed to in order to clear any order over $250. Thank you.

PRODUCTION FEE: Our $25 set up fee is on all orders and includes writing up your order, triple checking the production sheets to make sure we have it all correct, use of association logos, wording on center streamer (ie club name, event title and date, award, decorative fancies and/or any generic logos we have on file), your choice of gold, silver or bronze foil, your choice of cord or bridle hook for hanging, your choice of pinked or dovetailed finish on the bottoms of the streamers, and of course, your choice of satin ribbon colors.

TYPE CHANGES: Our type change fee applies when wording changes from the initial center streamer layout. If your center streamer layouts change dramatically throughout the order there may be additional layout charges.

ARTWORK: If you have a new logo you would like stamped on your ribbons please submit high quality black & white artwork in one of the following formats:

  • .CDR files (Corel Draw)
  • .AI files (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .EPS files
  • High resolution black & white .PDF

HOW FAR AHEAD TO PLACE YOUR ORDER: We ask for at least 8 weeks/2 months for small orders (under $1,500) and 12 weeks/3 months for large orders (over $1,500). Although we will always try to fit you in, we greatly appreciate as much time as you can give us!

RUSH ORDERS: Small orders received with less than 15 business days (3 weeks) and large orders with less than 25 business days (5 weeks) are subject to rush fees starting at 20%. We hate to charge rush fees but when we get a rush order it means we have to stop what we are doing (by putting other customers’ orders on the back-burner) while we try to get the rush out. It also means we have to ask our hard-working gals to work even harder and sometimes that means asking them to work overtime. Thank you for your understanding!

PROOFS: One proof is provided free-of-charge upon request with a new logo. After that there is a $25 proof charge since the printers have to set everything up, print one ribbon, then tear the machine down only to set it back up again when the order has been approved!

CHANGES & ADD ONS: We can generally make changes or add on to your order after it has been placed. However if we have to create new production sheets,etc. there will be an additional $15 charge.

PAYMENT: Prepayment is required on all orders by check, Visa, Mastercard or E-transfer. Bank wire is also an option for overseas customers.

SHIPPING: US and International orders are shipped out of Blaine WA; Canadian orders out of our Langley office.

PICK UP: If you are local in the Pacific Northwest area you can pick up your order in either Blaine WA or Langley.

DISCOUNTS: Referring someone new to us? Thank you very much! We will be happy to take $25 off your next order!

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